Nicole Belolan

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I am a Ph.D. candidate in the History of American Civilization program in the Department of History at the University of Delaware, and I am pursuing a career in public history and academia. I study eighteenth- and nineteenth-century American cultural and social history.

My dissertation,‚ÄúNavigating the World: The Material Culture of Physical Mobility Impairment in the Early American North, 1700-1861,” is about material culture and disability in early America.

Other scholarly interests include print culture, the history of collecting, and textiles and needlework.

The photo at the top of the site was taken at the Upper Bay Museum in North East, Maryland, during a two-week museum project I took part in with the Museum Studies program at the University of Delaware. In the photo, I am cataloguing a twentieth-century worktable used by a decoy carver from the Upper Chesapeake. Learn more here.

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