This is a picture of me seated at a long table at right. I am holding a late-nineteenth- or early-twentieth-century tool, which I am looking at. There are other artifacts on the table along with bring yellow cataloguing sheets. There is a large fish mounted to the wall in the background.
Nicole cataloguing hunting, fishing, and boating tools at the Upper Bay Museum in North East, MD (2014)

My museum specialties lie in managing and interpreting eighteenth- and nineteenth-century American material culture. I believe in the importance of gaining, maintaining, and advocating for intellectual control over museum collections and using those collections and related resources to develop inclusive primary source-based programming and interpretation. Currently, I promote preservation and access of material culture through the continuing education program I direct in historic preservation at Rutgers-Camden, in my oversight of exhibit, media, and digital reviews for the journal The Public Historian, and in my work as a lead editor for the National Council on Public History blog, History@Work.